History of Khichis


Khichi is the name of a branch of the Chauhan clan of Agnivanshi rajputs. The Rajput (from the Sanskrit tatpurusha compound rājaputra, “Means the Son of a king) Chauhan kingdom became the leading Rajput state and a powerful kingdom in Northern India under King Prithviraj III (1165–1192), also known as Prithviraj Chauhan or Rai Pithora . The Chauhan kingdom collapsed after Prithviraj was defeated by Mohammed of Ghor in 1192 at the Second Battle of Tarain, but the Chauhans remained in Ajmer as feudatories of Mohammed of Ghor and the Sultans of Delhi until 1365, when Ajmer was captured by the rulers of Mewar. Rajput must belong to one of 36 specific clans and Khichi’s is one of them. During the rule of the British, Many Rajputs wer given power to continue their rules in that state, Rajput also made alliance with the mughals. Before Mughals and British, Rajputs were the only threatening power in subcontinent. Khilchipur is a town in Rajgarh District of Madhya Pradesh state in central India. It is the administrative headquarters.

Khilchipur was formerly the capital of a princely state of the same name, under the Bhopal Agency of British India’s Central India Agency. It had an area of 273 square miles, and a population of 31,143 in 1901. Its estimated revenue in 1911 was 7000 rupees, and it paid a yearly tribute to Sindhia of Gwalior of 700 rupees. Its rulers were Khichi Rajputs of the Chauhan clan. The rulers acceded to the Government of India after India’s independence in 1947, and the Khilchipur became part of the new state of Madhya Bharat. Madhya Bharat was merged into Madhya Pradesh on November 1, 1956.


According to their traditions, it claims that he descends from a Khichi Chauhan Rajput ruler of Ajmer. Driven out of Delhi by one of the Sultans of Delhi, his descendents Sisan and Vidar migrated to Multan. The Khichis then fought with the Johiyas, the paramount in the region. Due to their bravery and valour they conquered Multan as well as many other places in India. After partition of India, the Khichi’s are on both sides in Pakistan and India.