History of Jadons

The Jadaun (also spelt as Jadon) are a clan (gotra) of Chandravanshi (Yaduvanshi) Rajputs found in North India and Pakistan.


Jadauns are the descendants of King Yayati’s son Yadu. According to the Puranas, King Yayati had two wives, Sharmishtha and Devyani. Devyani was the daughter of Asura Guru Shukracharya.Yadu was the son of Yayati and Devyani. The Yaduvanshi are the descendents of Yadu. In Sanskrit Yaduvanshi means the family of Yadu. They also occupied forts of Bijai Garh, built by Pundir Rajputs, at Bayana and Timan Garh near Karauli. Jadons are among the 36 Royal Clans of Rajputs, They are of Chandravanshi lineage and Kuldevi of Jadon’s is Keladevi at Karauli (Rajasthan). In Rajasthan, the Jadon are found in Karauli, Bharatpur, Jaipur and Jaisalmer. Karauli was officially founded in 1348 AD by the Yaduvanshi Rajput, Raja Arjun Pal. This holy city was originally known as Kalyanpuri, after the local deity Kalyanji. Legend has it that the princely state of Karauli (17 Gun salutes) was established by Raja Bijal pal Jadon, The 88th descendent of lord Krishna, as far back as 995 AD. The 600 year old Karauli City Palace was built probably in the 14th century by the royal family and a magnificent city palace in 1635 AD. The fort and the city palace remains the official residence of the royal family of Karauli till 1938 AD. At that time a much more modern Bhanwar Vilas palace was built by Maharaja Ganesh pal Deo Bhadur.