History of Hadas

Hada are one of the most celebrated Chauhan branches. They belong to the Agnikula. The area called Hadoti belongs to them and two prominent states of Bundi and Kotah were ruled by Hada Chauhans.


Hara Chauhan’s claim descent from Bisaldev Chauhan. His son was Anuraj who reigned at Hansi. His son was Ishtpal Chauhan, the progenator of Hara’s. Ishtpal along with Agunraj, the son of Ajeyrao Kheechi-Chauhan of Kheechpur and Randhir Chouhan of Golkoonda made a combined army to seek fortunes. But Aser and Golkoonda were sacked and Randhir Chauhan performed Saca, the last act of a rajput. Only his daughter survived, she was called Surah Bai. Anuraj left Ishtpal to fight the foe and left for safety. Ishtpal foiled the attack and killed his enemy but was gravely wounded, when Surah Bai, guided by the family deity – Ashapura Mata (Goddess Ashapura) came to his rescue. With her aid he recovered and captured Aser Fort in VS 981 (1025 AD).