History of Chauhans

Chauhan, Chouhan or Chohan is a clan that ruled parts of northern India in the medieval period. Prithviraj Chauhan, the last Hindu king of Delhi, was a member of this community.


Vansh: Agnivanshi
Descended from: Dhundhar
Common Ancestry: Cheema, Chahal, Chohan Chahar, Chatha, Chhillar
Branches: Sanchora, Songara, Lonia Hada, Deora, Bhadurias, Chavan, Rajkunwar.
Ruled in: Nadol, Jalor, Dhundhar, Ajmer, Delhi, Haryana, Neemrana, Hadoti, Godwar, Awadh
Princely States: Ajmer (7th c.-1365)
Ranthambore (1236–1302)
Tulsipur (7th c.-1857 AD)
Devgadh Baria

Rajput bardic accounts describe the Chauhans as one of the four Agnikula Rajput clans which claims to have originated from a sacrificial fire-pit (agnikunda) at Mount Abu to fight against the Asuras or demons whereas in context Agnikula is considered as another branch of Suryavanshi Rajput descent.

Descendants of these Chauhan Rajput ruled princely states in Western and Northern India until the pre-independence era.

Manik Rai (AD 685), progenitor of Chauhan dynasty was lord of Ajmer and Sambhar in Western Rajwara.