RSUK Diwali 2021 – Head of Trustees Message

Jai Mataji and good evening respected elders, Ladies, Gentlemen and children. On behalf of the Trustees and EC, I would like to welcome you all tonight and wish you and your families and very happy Diwali and a safe, healthy & prosperous new year. I am delighted to see so many people here this evening. Who could have imagined what chaos and changes the world has undertaken the last couple of years! Due to the on-going pandemic, we were unable to hold any functions last year, but as things have started to settle down and restrictions being lifted the Samaj too is beginning to return to some sort of normality. However, we are far from seeing the end to this horrible virus. Recent government statistics show infection rates are still high; so, I implore you all to do you bit to safe guard yourselves and families by taking your vaccine jabs and boosters. We have already lost many loved ones the past couple of years and pray that their souls are at peace. Our thoughts are with the grieving families and we hope over the coming weeks/months, they will return to the Samaj as their extended family to find some comfort. A thank you to Gambhirsinh Jethwa for his support though virtual prayers and bhajans on behalf of these families and RSUK Although we had not been able to gather in person since 2019; we had been lucky enough to carry on with some important meetings through the use of technology and virtual meetings. One such major meeting was the Special General Meeting held earlier this year to pass the revised constitution. This had been long overdue as the original one from the 1970’s needed to be modified to meet the ever-changing world we live in now. I would like to pass on our sincere thanks to all those that helped in the construction of this and for those that attended the workshops and meetings. A special thanks to Deepakba Manubha Jethwa, Rileshkumar Dhirubhai Jadeja, Hansaba Surrensdrasinh Mahida and Sonalba Dharmeshinh Rathod for their hard work and long hours of putting the different policies and document together. This was no small task! The other major meeting was the Annual General Meeting. This year we had an election and managed to fulfil the posts of both the Executive Committee and Trustees. Just as Janaksinh had introduced the EC, I would like to introduce to the Trustees for the next 5, well 4.5yrs… Hansaba Surrensdrasinh Mahida; Digvijaysinh Manubha Jadeja; Mahendrasinh Sardarsinh Jadeja, Virendrasinh Dariavsinh Rathod and of course, Myself, Dharmendra Ranjisinh Jadeja. We believe we have got the right mix of experience and new energy to within the two teams which will help unite the Samaj and take it to greater heights over the next 5yrs Jai Mataji and subh Diwali. Dharmendra Ranjitsinh Jadeja Head of Trustee 2021/22