Madhya Pradesh


Rajpur (Malwa Agency, Central India)

Gun Salutes



Central India Agency


15th June 1948


INR 100,000


307 (1901)


2,165.24 km 2


112,754 (1941)

Privy Purse

INR 95,000

Hindi Name

अली राजपुर

Also known as



Present Head

Flag of Ali Rajpur
HH Raja KAMLENDRA SINGH, present Raja Saheb of Ali Rajpur since 30th March 1996, a retired B.S.F. officer.


Personal Flag of Raja of Ali Rajpur
Personal Flag of Raja of Ali Rajpur
The state was founded in 1437. In 1893, the Rana was allowed to maintain a military force of 1 1 cavalry, 169 infantry, and 7 guns.

Flag of the State of Ali Rajpur:
The colors red and white were the same as Indore, granted by the rulers of Indore as a sign of friendship and gratitude.

Original COA of Ali Rajpur State:
Arms: Lozengy Tenné and Argent, a tower on a hill between three fountains proper.
Crest: On a helmet to the dexter, lambrequined Tenné and Argent, a hare courant proper.
Supporters: Two boars proper.
Motto: Isvara, meri Catan, mera Garh. (God, my Rock, my Fortress).
Personal Flag of H.H. The Raja of Ali Rajpur: The banner of Raja was a panchranga of the rajput saffron-red-white-blue-green

Original COA of Ali Rajpur State
Original COA of Ali Rajpur State


  • Rana ANAND DEO, 1st Rana of Alirajpur 1437/1440, founder of the state in 1437, married and had issue.
    • Rana Pratap Deo
  • Rana PRATAP DEO, 2nd Rana of Alirajpur 1440/-, married and had issue.
    • Rana Chanchal Deo
  • Rana CHANCHAL DEO, 3rd Rana of Alirajpur, married and had issue.
    • Rana Gugal Deo (qv)
    • Kunwar Kesar Deo, he was the founder of Jobat.
  • Rana GUGAL DEO, 4th Rana of Alirajpur
  • Rana BACHCHHARAJ DEO, Rana of Alirajpur
  • Rana DIP DEO, Rana of Alirajpur
  • Rana PAHAD DEO I, Rana of Alirajpur
  • Rana UDAI DEO, Rana of Alirajpur
  • Rana PAHAD DEO II, Rana of Alirajpur -/1765, died .
  • [Rana RAYA SINGH fl.1650, married Rani Devimati of Barwani .]
  • [Rana PRITHI DEO, married and had issue. Rana SURAT DEO ]
  • [Rana SURAT DEO -/1765, married and had issue. Rana PRATAP SINGH (qv) generation Kunwar Kesari Singh, he attempted to supplant his cousin, Rana Jashwant Singh in 1818 after the death of Rana Pratap Singh, but was driven out by Musafir.]
  • Rana PRATAP SINGH I, Rana of Ali Rajpur 1765/1818 (deposed), married and had issue. He died .
    • Rana Jashwant Singh
  • Musafir Mekran, an adventurer, a long-time manager of the state, he usurped the gaddi after the death of Rana Pratap Singh, but was deposed later that same year in 1818, he made himself useful in expelling his countrymen and other foreigners and was therefore recognised as Manager of the State during the minority of Jashwant Singh.
  • REGENCY 1818/1839
  • Rana JASHWANT SINGH, Rana of Ali Rajpur 1839/1862, born posthumously in 1818, he was granted ruling powers on attaining his majority in 1839; married and had issue. He died leaving a will by which he divided the State between his two sons.
    • Rana Ganga Deo
    • Rana Rup Deo
  • Rana GANGA DEO, Rana of Ali Rajpur 1862/1869 (deposed), born about 1845, on his succession, a dress of honour was conferred on him by the British Government and a nazrana of Rupees 1,500 was taken; his incompetency and the anarchy which had prevailed since he was entrusted with power, compelled the British Government in 1869 to depose him and take the State under management, Muhammad Najaf Khan was appointed Superintendent; the deposed Rana was granted an allowance fixed at Rupees 1,000 per mensem; his excesses had rendered him an imbecile for several months previous to his death, he died in .
  • Rana RUP DEO, Rana of Ali Rajpur 1869/1881, born , he was recognized as his successor, but was only entrusted tentatively with the management of affairs in 1873 on the understanding that his continuance in power would depend on the manner in which he carried on the administration; he adopted Kunwar Bijai Singh from Sondwa, married and had adoptive issue. He died spm on 29th October 1881.
    • (A) Rana Bijai Singh
  • REGENCY 1881/1890
  • Rana BIJAI SINGH, Rana of Ali Rajpur 1881/1890, he succeeded by adoption, educated at Daly College, Indore then at Rajkumar College, Indore till 1888; he was succeeded by his cousin, Kunwar Pratap Singh, son of Thakur Bhagwan Singh of Sondwa, who was selected by the Government of India in 1891; he married twice and had issue, a daughter. He died spm on 16th August 1890.
    • Rajkumari (name unknown) (by the Senior Rani), born .
    • (A) HH Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh II Bahadur (qv)
  • INTERREGNUM 1890/1891

    STATE MANAGER 1891/1899
  • HH Maharaja Sir PRATAP SINGH II Bahadur K.C.I.E., 1st Raja of Ali Rajpur 1891/1941 (abdicated) and Regent of Ali Rajpur 1941/1948, born as Kunwar Pratap Singh, son of Thakur Bhagwan Singh of Sondwa, educated at Daly College, Indore; succeeded 14th February 1891, he was formally installed in March 1892; during his minority the State was managed by a Kamdar under the supervision of the Political Agent till 1904 when he was granted full ruling powers; made a Magistrate First Class in 1902; C.I.E. [cr.1915], K.C.I.E., Raja [cr.1911], Maharaja (Personal) [cr.1941], salute raised to 11 guns in 1920 and made hereditary in 1921, married 1stly, 1900, a daughter of Thakore Bahadur Sinh of Kathiwada, married 2ndly, 1902, a daughter of Kumar Shri Chandrasinhji Jitsinhji of Chhota-Udaipur, and had issue, one son and two daughters. He died after 1950.
    • HH Raja Fateh Singh (by 1st marriage)
    • Rani Anand Kumari, married 28th February 1922 (as his first wife), Raja Kishor Chandra Mardraj Harichandan of Nilgiri, and had issue.
  • HH Raja FATEH SINGH, 2nd Raja of Ali Rajpur in 1941, born , engaged 19th July 1915 to Kunwari Sahiba Rajendra Kunwar Ba, daughter of Lt.-Col. HH Maharawal Sir Shri Ranjitsinhji Mansinhji, 16th Raja Saheb of Baria, maried and had issue. He died .
    • HH Raja Surendra Singh (qv)
    • HH Raja Kamlendra Singh (qv)
    • Rajkumari Rohini Devi, married (as his first wife) 1945 (div.), Raja Narendra Singh of Sarila.
    • [Rajkumari (name unknown), married (as his first wife), Raj Rajeshwar Shreeman Thakor Saheb Swaroopsinghji Chhatrasinghji, Thakore Saheb of Chorangala, and had issue.]
  • HH Raja SURENDRA SINGH, 3rd Raja of Ali Rajpur 1941/1996, born , educated at Marlborough College, England; served with the I.F.S., Indian Ambassador to Spain around 1980, married (div.). He died sp on 30th March 1996 at the Shreemaya Hotel in Indore.
  • HH Raja KAMLENDRA SINGH, 4th Raja of Ali Rajpur