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1st January 1950


INR 225,000 (1893)


2,077.18 Square Kilometers km²


96,596 (1941)

Privy Purse

INR 74,700

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Flag of Ajaigarh
HH The Sawai Maharaja Ajay Raj Singh Sahib Bahadur, 10th Maharaja of Ajaigarh Since 1984, born , married Sheeba Singh (HH Maharani Sheeba Singh of Ajaigarh), daughter of Lal Saheb Pradeep Narayan Singh and Annapurna Devi of Darigaon, Bihar on 5th July 2015 at Lucknow; has issues, one son and a daughter.
  • Raja Bahadur Saheb Mrityunjaya Singh, born .
  • Rajju Raja Saheba Mrinalika Singh, born .


The state was founded in 1765 by Kunwar Guman Singh, a great grandson of Maharajadhiraja Chhatrasal of Mahewa (see Orchha). The Maharaja, in 1893, was allowed to maintain a military force of 97 cavalry, 544 infantry and 13 guns.

Ajaygarh Coat-of-Arms:
Arms: Parted per fess embattled Gules and Vert, a pale Or gutty de sang.
Crest: On a helmet to the dexter lambrequined Gules and Vert, a tower proper.
Supporters: A tiger (Panthera tigris – Felidæ) and a sambur (Rusa unicolor – Cervidæ) proper.
Motto: Ranadhira Ajayyavira (Steadfast in Battle, Invincible Hero)

Original Flag of the State: State flag, properly royal standard, granted by Queen Victoria to the sovereign Ranjor Singh Bahadur in January 1877. Raised in the form of banner had the two different sides. On the front side bore the coat of arms was designed for the occasion. On the back there were floral patterns and an inscription.
New Version of the Flag of the State:Flag has been in use until 1948. Drape formed by two overlapping triangles unequal. Different sides. On the obverse of the flag features Hanuman without the colors on the smaller triangle at the top, and a yellow sun with the initials of Raja on the large triangle. The toward, a flower and showed an increasing moon both included in the larger triangle. The camp was violet on both sides.

Personal COA of the Ajaigarh Maharaja
Personal COA of the Ajaigarh Maharaja

Original Flag of the Ajaigarh State
Original Flag of the Ajaigarh State

New Flag of the Ajaigarh State
New Flag of the Ajaigarh State


  • Raja GUMAN SINGH, 1st Raja of Ajaigarh 1765/1792, formerly Raja of Banda, he was the nephew of Raja Pahar Singh of Jaitpur, and was succeeded by his own nephew; married and had issue. He died .
    • Raja Bakht Singh (qv)
  • Raja BAKHT SINGH, 2nd Raja of Ajaigarh 1792/1793 (deposed) and 1807/1837, Raja of Banda 1792/1798; he was driven from his territory by Nawab Ali Bahadur, who allowed the Raja an allowance of 2 rupees daily, he was granted a pension of 3,000Rs p.m., by the British when they occupied Bundelkhand in 1803, they later restored him to some of his original territory in 1807, and granted him a sanad, and later the same year the usurper was made to hand over the fort of Ajaigarh; married and had issue. He died .
    • Raja Madho Singh (qv)
    • Raja Mahipat Singh (qv)
  • Raja MADHO SINGH, 3rd Raja of Ajaigarh 1837/1849, died .
  • Raja MAHIPAT SINGH, 4th Raja of Ajaigarh 1849/1853, married and had issue, as well as secondary issue. He died .
    • Raja Vijay Singh (qv)
    • HH Sawai Maharaja Sir Ranjor Singhji Sahib Bahadur (by a secondary wife) (qv)
  • Raja VIJAY SINGH, 5th Raja of Ajaigarh 1853/1855, he died during his minority on 12th September 1855 and the state escheated to the British Government.
  • INTERREGNUM 1855/1858, Ajaigarh escheated to the British Government, but in 1858 after the Mutiny, the late Raja’s mother was allowed to adopt Kanwar Ranjor Singh, who the succeeded to the state. REGENT The Rajmata of Ajaigarh 1858/1868
  • HH Sawai Maharaja Sir RANJOR SINGH Sahib Bahadur K.C.I.E., C.S.I., 6th Raja of Ajaigarh 1859/1919, born , he succeeded to the Raj on 9th September 1859, the title of Sawai Maharaja was recognized in 1877 at the Delhi Durbar on the occasion of the proclamation of Her Majesty as Empress of India, K.C.I.E. [cr.1897], married and had issue. He died .
    • HH Sawai Maharaja Bhopal Singh Sahib Bahadur (qv)
    • Diwan Senapati Maharajkumar Jaipal Singh, born .
    • Maharaj Pakshapal Singh Ju Deo, Dewan (Prime Minister) of Ajaigarh; married and had issue
      • Col. Sawai Maharaj Sahib Deshpal Singh Ju Deo, born , educated at Daly College, Indore (1921/1928), at the Prince of Wales Royal Indian Military College, Dehradun (1928/1931), and completed his majors in L.L.M. from Bombay University; worked as Deputy Political Officer during British services, served as Dewan of Ajaigarh and also was appointed Dewan for revamp of Chhatarpur and Baraundha State’s under the British Raj; President of the All Indian Kshatriya Maha Sabha (Hightest Royal Assembly Association of Princely States of India) at Delhi; a keen sportsman, Captain of the Western Coal Mines cricket team; married Rani Gayatri Devi of Basaratpur Estate, Uttar Pradesh, and had issue.
        • Sawai Rajkumar Ajayveer Singh Ju Deo, educated at Madhav Engineering College (B.Eng.); married Rajkumar Rani Ajaya (Bundela), and has issue.
          • Rajkumari Vijya Bundela, married Kunwar Vikram Singh.
          • Rajkumari Harshita Bundela
        • Sawai Rajkumar Ashit Varn Singh Bundela B.Sc., born at Ajaigarh, married Rajkumar Rani Anjana (Bundela) (née Rajniesh Singh), daughter of Sri Kunwar Ram Singh Deo of Barai, Uttar Pradesh, and his wife, Kunwarani Usha Kumari (née Hirendra Kumari), daughter of Sri Rao Hira Singh Ju Deo of Karahia and niece of HH Maharaja Sir Sawant Singhji of Bijawar, and has issue. He died o f a car accident following multiple organ damages on 21st January 2017.
          • Sawai Rajkumar Hraday Shah Bundela, born ; a philanthropist by nature and President and Royal Guardian of Prince Hraday Shah Foundation; married 12th December 2008, Rajkumar Rani Padmini Kumari, daughter of Kunwar Pushpendra Singh Parmar of Daharra (Family of Jagir Jharkua, Panna), Bundelkhand, and his wife, Kunwarani Mithlesh Kumari, and has issue, one daughter.
            • Kumari Sahiba Mohana, born .
          • Rajkumari Sanyogita Bundela, born .
        • Sawai Rajkumar Anil Kumar Singh, married Rajkumar Rani Arpana Raje, daughter of Rao Gulab Singh Ju Dev of Jharkua, and has issue.
          • Kumari Vashundera Bundela, born 23rd September 19xx.
          • Kunwar Madhvendra Singh Bundela, born 13th November 1998.
        • Flt.-Lt. (ret’d.) Sawai Rajkumar Neel Burn Singh Bundela, born N ovember 1964, formerly an officer in the Indian Airforce, married Rajkumar Rani Renu Singh, daughter of Thakur Sahib Sambhu Saran Singh from Rai-Bareli, and has issue.
          • Kunwar Jaiditya Singh Bundela, born .
        • Sawai Rajkumar Jayant Singh Bundela, married Rajkumar Rani Jaya Singh, daughter of Kunwar Mangal Singh of Barai, and has issue.
  • HH Sawai Maharaja BHOPAL SINGH Sahib Bahadur K.C.I.E., 7th Raja of Ajaigarh 1919/1942, born , succeeded his father on the gaddi on 7th June 1919; married 1882, HH Maharani Beni Kunwar, daughter of Musahib Ranjore Singh of Chauka in Charkhari State, and had issue, an only son. He died .
    • HH Sawai Maharaja Punya Pratap Singh Sahib Bahadur (qv)
  • HH Sawai Maharaja PUNYA PRATAP SINGH Sahib Bahadur, 8th Raja of Ajaigarh 1942/1958, born , succeeded his father on the gaddi in 1942; married 1907, HH Maharani Rukmini Devi, daughter of HH Swasti Sir Raja Kirti Shah of Tehri Garhwal, and had issue. He died .
    • Rani Indira Devi, married Raja Ajai Varma Singh of Pawayan, and had issue.
    • Rani Savitri Devi, born , married 1923, Raja Shriniwas Prasad Singh of Jagdishpur, and had issue. She died .
    • Rani Girija Devi, married Raja Bajrang Bahadur Singh of Bhadri, Lieutenant Governor of Himachal Pradesh 1955/1963.
    • HH Sawai Maharaja Devendra Vijaya Singh Sahib Bahadur(qv)
    • Rajkumar Bhupendra Vijay Singh, adopted by Rao Arimardan Singh of Jigni and succeeded there as Rao Bhupendra Vijay Singh of Jigni.
  • HH Sawai Maharaja DEVENDRA VIJAYA SINGH Sahib Bahadur, 9th Raja of Ajaigarh 1958/1984, born , married Kunwari Shri Sushil Kunwarba, the eldest daughter of HH Maharaja Sahib Shri Indrasinhji Pratapsinhji of Bansda, and had issue. He died .
    • Yuvaraj Kaushalendra Singh, born , married Yuvarani Hansa Devi, daughter of Lt. HH Maharaja Shri Sir Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavsinhji of Bhavnagar, and had issue, four children. He died .
      • Kumari Mrinalini Devi born .
      • Kumari Shivranjini Devi born .
      • HH Sawai Maharaja Ajayraj Singh Sahib Bahadur (qv)
      • Maharaj Prithviraj Singh, born .
    • Maharaj Mahipendra Singh, born , married Rani Prabha Kumari, daughter of Maharajkumar Chandikeshwar Saran Singh Deo, and his wife, Maharajkumar Rani Saheb Bhupeswari Kumari of Surguja, and has issue.
      • Rajkumar Shailendra Singh, born , married Rajkumari Keerti Malini Devi, daughter of Sirdar Rama Chandra Raj Urs (adopted son of Rajkumari Leelavati and Sirdar Basava Raj Urs of Mysore), and Maharajkumari Gayatri Devi Yavaru, eldest daughter of HH Maharaja Shri Sir Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar Bahadur of Mysore.
        • Kunwar Varunendra Singh, born .
    • Maharaj Surendra Singh, born , married and has issue.
      • Rajkumar Tarunendra Singh, born , married Baiji Lal Shobal De, daughter of Kunwar Kirti Vardhan Singh of Khandela-Junior, and his wife, Kunwarani Rudrani Kumari, and has issue, one daughter.
        • Kumari Nandini Singh.
  • HH Sawai Maharaja AJAYRAJ SINGH Sahib Bahadur, 10th Raja of Ajaigarh (see above)