Agra Barkhera






INR 7,000




204.60 Square Kilometers km²


6,499 (1921)

Hindi Name

आगरा बार्खेरा


The native ruler of the princely state of Agra Barkhera held the title of Thakur. The ruling family held a minor fief within the Sironj district in British dominated India. The native princes of Agra Barkhera state were primarily Parmar (or Ponwar, Paramara or Puar) Rajputs.The founder of the ruling family initially settled in the territory of Barkhera during the 18th century. Most of the estate was seized in the year 1857, after the then ruling thakor of the state, Chhatrasal, actively participated in the Sepoy Mutiny. Later the large territories were restored back. Agra Barkhera was a guaranteed feudatory of the Gwalior state. The native ruler of princely state of Agra Barkhera held at least 6 sanads and under them, the ruler possessed certain authorities, privileges and rights. The state pays an annual tribute of Rs. 5,880 to the Gwalior State.

Agra Barkhera received a lump sum payment of Rs. 300 as tanka from the Nawab Kurwai, under the guarenteed settlement and Rs. 2,370 from the Maharaja of Gwalior.


  • Thakur Nirbai Singh 1818-1859
  • Thakur Balwant Singh 1859-1891
  • Thakur Baldeo Singh 1891-1924
  • Thakur Madhav Rao Singh 1924
  • Thakur Jaganath Singh